The Nonprofit Partnership

Our Values

The Nonprofit Partnership has adopted the following values as markers of nonprofit excellence that we strive to uphold in our work day in and day out.

1. Personal contact matters. Face-to-face work and in-person education sessions are at the heart of building strong relationships that help strengthen organizations.

2. A polished web presence is important. An organization’s virtual or online presence and character is as important today as its physical presence and character.

3. Leaders see the big picture, speak persuasively, and build movements. Effective leadership encompasses the capacity to articulate the cause, to network effectively, and to sustain the vision and future focus needed to navigate in an increasingly complex environment.

4. Solutions often come from within. Talents lie in unexpected places that we help organizations to discover and nurture.

5. Other communities model the way. We value networking to gain from the wisdom and experience in other communities facing similar challenges.

6. Nonprofits are servant leaders. We affirm a local voice for nonprofits who collectively are an under-recognized yet vital and growing force in our society and economy.

7. Everyone deserves a seat at the table. An inclusive orientation that gives access to all appropriate voices and perspectives is critical to effective decision-making.

8. Openness with information and process builds trust. We affirm the value of accountability and transparency to all stakeholders and endeavor to model the integrity and clarity that earns and renews trust.

9. Waste not. We stand for responsible stewardship of all human, natural, and financial resources, honoring the commitment of all staff and volunteers with the most engaging and rewarding work possible, and supporting those efforts with the judicious use of natural and financial resources.

10. Fair and rewarding pay, benefits, and professional development are keys to quality. We honor the value of nonprofit work by standing behind compensation and benefits that sustain staff members and their families and promote growth and advancement through ongoing learning and guidance.