The Nonprofit Partnership


Cathy von Birgelen

The Nonprofit Partnership (NPP) is a trusted organization with a professional and approachable staff which is committed to helping nonprofits specifically and is well known for hosting top-notch professional development sessions and events. The training sessions that the organization provides help me keep up with new developments in the world of nonprofit management. I enjoy the wide variety of live training sessions the NPP offers because they provide opportunities to interact and share thoughts with peers. The live sessions also allow me to ask the expert my most pressing questions relevant to my organization.

The cost of NPP membership is so affordable when you take into consideration what I feel is the key value proposition for joining, which is the variety and number of excellent member services offered. Local nonprofits are so fortunate to have access to a leadership organization like the Nonprofit Partnership that is looking out for their best interests.

-Cathy von Birgelen, Director, eMarketing Learning Center @ BF/VIF

Andrew Silbert

We decided to join The Nonprofit Partnership because we felt it would be a good way to become more involved in our industry while giving us a channel to a valuable resource center for our organization.

The training sessions that I have been a part of have offered valuable advice from seasoned professionals in the corresponding field. They offer a chance to grow your individual skills and use those skills to better your organization.

This spring, I attended a session on how to control your organization’s media presence. It was a panel format with representatives from local media outlets and Mike Smiley, from PAPA Advertising, leading the discussion. The session offered perspectives from different viewpoints and was very helpful in understanding how nonprofits can benefit from media resources. I gained perspective on how, in the nonprofit industry, it is important to highlight positive things in your organization and offer them as news stories to local media outlets. They may not come looking for you, so make it easy and deliver it to them. You can make something happen for yourself that way using organizations that are willing to cover those types of stories.

-Andrew Silbert, Assistant Programs Manager, Americans for the Competitive Enterprise System (ACES)

Paul Lukach

The benefits received through the various training sessions I have attended include achieving a greater understanding of subject material, having important questions answered, and gaining the knowledge of what other agencies are facing and how we might be able to help each other out. The services and programs offered by the NPP are of great value to our organization. Many of the speakers and seminars we have attended would either not have been available to our group or would have been cost prohibitive for us to engage in.

Our organization has worked with the NPP separately from attending training/workshop sessions. We have had the privilege to work with Mr. Wooler and Miss. Flick quite recently on a program promoting youth involvement in promoting healthy relationships. I am thrilled and honored that they are easily accessible and helpful in our planning and organization of this program and in helping us connect with other nonprofits to make the project successful.

-Paul Lukach, Executive Director, Crime Victim Center of Erie Co.

Sr. Michele Schroeck

The House of Mercy is a small organization and NPP offers lots of training and support for us. I like they way they listen to suggestions for speaker topics. The grant writing session was very valuable as well as the session on best practices in annual reports. Organizations can gain info on best practices and follow-up support. I have also gained a lot through the opportunities for sharing with other organizations. Thanks to the Communications Makeover Program, we now have a quality Facebook Page to share all of our activities and photos. We've gained 120 new "likes" in just a few short months. It has really helped to make our organization more known in the community.

- Sr. Michele Schroeck, House of Mercy

I decided to join The Nonprofit Partnership to help guide our organization in the right direction. The opportunities to network as well as collaborate with other organizations in the community have been endless. I attend NPP training sessions because each session not only informs you of challenges that will be faced in the future, but gives you workable tools for meeting and overcoming those challenges successfully. Organizations that are members of The Nonprofit Partnership gain a wealth of knowledge and opportunities to have direct conversation with the decision makers in the nonprofit community.

-Mabel Howard, CEO & Founder, Be At Your Best (BAYB)

Kristen Persun

With the help of The Nonprofit Partnership, Bethel Christian School has become aware of the areas within our organization that require change and how to reasonably make these changes. In addition, all the traning sessions are great and the NPP staff is very friendly and supportive. At this time I feel that the sessions and meetings regarding our communications makeover have been the most valuable to Bethel Christian School.

The Bethel Christian School Administrator, David Miles, myself, and the BCS School Board are all tremendously excited about our communications makeover that NPP is developing with us. Our school has been in existence for 40 years and is in need of a new "face." Amanda has worked many hours with focus groups and creating a survey in order to determine the positive qualities and needs of BCS. This information has been very useful in developing our makeover and also our marketing strategy.

My experience working with Amanda through the BCS communications makeover process has been more meaningful than I can describe. She is extremly knowledgable and helpful. She works late and goes out of her way to accommodate my schedule or the Board members' schedules. She explains things thoroughly and does not look down on me when I don't completely understand a concept. She keeps everything in confidence however she is ready to give a forthright opinion when asked. Also, Bob Wooler has always been more than helpful with any need that I have made known to him. I whole heartedly endorse The Nonprofit Partnership and all that this organization does for the Erie community.

-Kristen Persun, Bethel Christian School

Julie Hunter

At my first Nonprofit Day in 2009, I attended an IT workshop moderated by Beth Burnside, owner of CMIT Solutions. After the workshop, we took CMIT Solutions up on their offer of a free network infrastructure analysis. I used that analysis to apply for a capacity building grant (which we received!). Through our ongoing relationship with CMIT, I later learned of a national contest being sponsored by CMIT, Microsoft, and Dell Computers. The contest was looking for the best (or worst, in this case) IT horror story from nonprofits across the United States. We submitted an entry that won second place, a Windows small business server and requisite labor for the migration. While that session was the one session that yielded the most for our organization financially, I find every session given by The Nonprofit Partnership (NPP) that I attend to be extremely valuable.

Members of NPP gain valuable resources, tools and relationships that can only enhance and strengthen their organization’s fund development, marketing, governance, and management efforts. The team that Executive Director Bob Wooler has assembled at NPP is second to none. Bob, Amanda, and Amy have always been, and continue to be, a genuine pleasure to not only learn from and work with, but to know.

-Julie Hunter, Media & Marketing Supervisor, Women's Services, Inc., Meadville, PA