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eMarketing Toolbox

eMarketing Toolbox for Nonprofits

Quick Link Resources for Nonprofit Webinars, Social Media help, and more...

Charity How To (Webinars and Nonprofit Tutorials)

John Haydon (Facebook and Social Media Expertise)

Nonprofit Web Advisor (Nonprofit Webinars)

Social Brite (Social Media Solutions for Nonprofits)


Since the cost of operating in the online channel has dropped to near zero and the tools available have become so accessible, nonprofits are marketing and messaging online as never before. The Nonprofit Partnership is featuring a set of tools to help you harness the power of the online channel to advance your organization. Please download these tools using the links below.

Digital Apps, Tools, and Resources Infographic

Little Guide to Social Media Basics

Social Media 2016 (Powerpoint and notes from presentation by Amanda Karns of Dorado Creative on February 23, 2016)

E-mail Campaign Planning Workbook (John Haydon)

2015 Website Best Practices from The Nonprofit Partnership

Online Communication Best Practices (Nonprofit Partnership)

Are You Ready to Be Relevant?

Mid-Year Preparation: 10 Simple Steps to Get Ready for Year-End (Convio)

Other resources we have compiled to assist you in marketing your organization include: