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Previous Nonprofit Day Resources

Archived resources from presentations given at the 12th, 13th, and 14th Annual Northwest Pennsylvania Nonprofit Days are found below:



Bob Phipps, Servant Leadership in the Boardroom

Lori Jacobwith, Expanding Your Reach, Engaging Your Board

Management and Strategy

Debbie Thompson, Re-Inventing Strategic Planning

Vincent Halupczynski and Thomas Tupitza, Tax-Exepmt Status

Marketing and Communication

Lori Jacobwith, Clear, Bold Communication for Nonprofit Leaders

Cathy vonBirgelen, Don't Hang Up the Phone

Fund Development

Ted Wood, Raising Major Gifts

Tami Netkowicz and Jan Stork, The Art and Science of Persuasive Writing

Linda Hackshaw and Kim McCaslin, Everyone is a Fundraiser

Kris Huber, The One Person Development Office

Carol Weisman: Fundraising Superheroes Powerpoint (2011)

Jill Pranger presentation: The Development Professional as a Leader (2011)


Gregory Crowley, Coro Purpose and Leadership workshop

Marsha Tongel, New Design Leadership for Emergent Organizations

Bob Phipps, The CEO as Servant Leader

Rick Capozzi, Developing the Leader Within

Nancy Stampahar, Creating the Leader Within You for Life and Work

Gil Jacobs, Nonprofit Financial Leadership

Green Leadership

Ted Hart plenary address, Nonprofits Going Green

Ted Hart workshop, Going Green on a Nonprofit Budget


Fund Development

Crowdsourcing and Looking to the Crowd (Kristina Huber, CFRE)

Ethics, Integrity, and the Law (Tom Tupitza and Mark Denlinger)

Fundraising is a Team Sport (Cassandra George Ramos)

Leadership and Fundraising (Abbie von Schlegell, CFRE)

Women in Philanthropy Keynote (Abbie von Schlegell, CFRE)

Management and Strategy

So You Think There's No Funding? (Debra Thompson and Joseph Jones)


Twenty Tips for Working with Your Board (Rick Capozzi)

Exemplary Communities

Shape Up Somerville (David Hudson)

Marketing and Communication

Content, Connectivity, and Convergence (Mike Smiley)


Board Ambassadors - Active Listening (Andy Robinson)

Board Ambassadors - Features and Benefits (Andy Robinson)

Board Ambassadors - Pitching in Public (Andy Robinson)

Board Ambassadors - The Case Simplified (Andy Robinson)

Where's the Money? - PA State Outlook (Laura Guncheon, Office of State Senator Wiley)

Living in the Gap - Resources for Full Cost Budgeting (Robert Wooler)

Social Media for Nonprofits - What's the Best Social Media Strategy? (Ed Stevens)

Links to Presenters and Materials


Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson Board Training

Social Entrepreneurship

Brandon Chrostowski

Pre-conference Institute for Social Innovation - Impact

Daniel Claussen

Allison Deverman-Vietor


Serena Fulton

Work/Life Balance

Becky Pomeroy

Hiring ‘A’ Level Talent

Todd Owens and Michelle Heck

Social Media Strategy

Ed Stevens

Getting Paid What You're Worth

Debbie Thompson and Jacqui Catrabone

Overcoming Resistance To Change - Easier Employee Conversations

Ross Blake

Get More Done

Rick Capozzi

Winning Pitch

Linda Springer and Mary Bright

Benefit Corporation

John Leemhuis and Valerie Kuntz

Video Links

Andy Robinson

EDWINS Restaurant

Social Venture Partners Cleveland

Tales of Procrastination

Benefit Corporations

Journey of Benefit Corp Legislation

B Corporation Founders Video