The Nonprofit Partnership

The Giving Pledge

Imagine . . .

  • Hundreds of nonprofits, supported by The Erie Community Foundation, working for six months each year to encourage their donors to consider a planned gift.
  • Harnessing the type of energy which surrounds Erie Gives to encourage thoughtful, enduring plans that will benefit our community forever.
  • Our nonprofit sector, generations from now, benefiting from decisions made today.

This is the power of The Giving Pledge, a new program of The Erie Community Foundation.

From November 15 to April 15, The Erie Community Foundation will sponsor and support The Giving Pledge.

The Nonprofit Partnership will work with The Erie Community Foundation to encourage over 350 nonprofits to ask that their donors consider pledging to include their favorite nonprofits in their will or other estate plans.

The Erie Community Foundation and The Nonprofit Partnership will not benefit from these pledges; our goal is to encourage nonprofits in this region to initiate the planned giving discussion with their donors. Because plans sometimes change, The Giving Pledge is non-binding.
If you need help starting the conversation with your donors, we are happy to assist you.

For specific assistance with The Giving Pledge, please contact:

Susannah Weis Frigon, CFP®
VP of Investor Relations
The Erie Community Foundation
(814) 454-0843

Adam C. Bratton
Executive Director
The Nonprofit Partnership
(814) 240-2490 × 3

Please stay tuned for additional resources and event announcements!