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Next Steps with The Giving Pledge: It's ALL About Philanthropy!

This event took place on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

This session was presented by Christopher Kelly, Vice President/Planned Giving Product Specialist with PNC Institutional Asset Management in conjunction with Susannah Weis Frigon CFP®, Vice President, Investor Relations & Donor Stewardship with The Erie Community Foundation._

Today’s donor is seeking options and opportunities to truly make an impact in the charitable contributions that they make. Gift Planning enables everyone to achieve this goal as well as find the ongoing support to maintain or increase programs that support their mission. It is crucial to be certain that titles, strategy or descriptions do not confuse or frustrate a donor because in the end… “It’s ALL about Philanthropy!”

The learning objectives for this session include:

  1. As we all know, today’s donor is looking for options as to how they can have the most impact on the charitable missions that they believe in and support; this discussion will cover options and how to utilize them.
  2. There is a major difference in Planned Giving and Gift Planning. Today’s donor and their other professional advisors expect us to be comfortable and knowledgeable in assisting them in meeting donor/client goals. This discussion is based on “GOOD PHILANTHROPY” being a Team Sport with everyone having a crucial role in donor impact and donor intent.
  3. Blended Giving Strategies are the path to tying all of these needs and goals together to enable donors to achieve maximum benefit personally and philanthropically.

This workshop is geared towards everyone from current fundraiser to major gift and legacy planner.
The level or learning for this session is intermediate - the discussion is for anyone interested in gift planning for current and legacy goals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to heighten your Planned Giving/Gift Planning knowledge and to start securing those Pledge Cards!

Getting Started with The Giving Pledge

This event took place on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

From November 15 to April 15, The Erie Community Foundation and The Nonprofit Partnership will host a program called The Giving Pledge. This initiative encourages nonprofits in the Erie area to ask their donors to consider a pledge in their will or estate plan for the benefit of those nonprofits. The Giving Pledge is a non-binding commitment that donors make to nonprofits. It is our desire that this commitment will begin the discussion between donor and nonprofit about what is perhaps the most meaningful gift in that relationship—a planned gift. The Erie Community Foundation will honor the nonprofits obtaining the most pledge commitments at their Annual Meeting. The three nonprofits with the most pledges will be provided with a video to use for future planned giving and development purposes.

The goal of this workshop is to help your organization decide how and when to have this important conversation with your donors and to provide you with concrete tools and resources to ensure success during The Giving Pledge. At this workshop, we will review elements of a plan to secure pledges as well as how organizations can communicate, both internally and externally, the benefits of planned giving and The Giving Pledge. Join us to get started with The Giving Pledge.

The learning objectives include:

  1. To prepare attendees to participate in The Giving Pledge program
  2. To provide real steps and tools for attendees to use in soliciting Giving Pledges from donors
  3. To create a platform for the identification, solicitation and reporting on pledges to the GP program
  4. To provide basic tools, specific to each nonprofit, for their use in The Giving Pledge

This workshop is geared towards Executive Directors, Development Directors and Board Leadership.
The level of learning for this workshop is intermediate.

Registration is closed for this event.